I Am Hemp 420: Video: Cannabis Prohibition Documentary: Prohibition on Freedom

War on Freedom

War on Freedom

Cannabis Prohibition Documentary – YouTube.

This is a war on freedom whether the War on Drugs was designed to become that or not. Drug prohibition has very authoritarian, dictatorial, statist leanings that the state knows best. For the people and should be making our decisions for us and then punish us when we do not do what’s in our best interest according to the state. And I believe this is just one example of why the War on Drugs has become so unpopular at least in America. But then you add the amount of money that we spend to fight this war and to house people in prison. Who otherwise would be able to take care of themselves or perhaps need to be in drug rehab or a halfway house. Rather than sitting in a drug cell only learning how to become a criminal something they didn’t know. Before they came to prison and this is how Americans spend a lot of our tax dollars. Trying to protect people from themselves and punishing them for what they do to themselves.


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