Robatsea 2009: Video: CBS News: Walter Cronkite Announces President Nixon’s Resignation 1974

Presidential Resignation

Presidential Resignation

Walter Cronkite announces President Nixon's 1974 Resignation – YouTube.

President Nixon simply acknowledging the political realities of the situation. After talking to a Congressional Republican delegation on that day including Senator Barry Goldwater and. Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott who basically told the President that he simply does not have the. Political support in Congress to win an impeachment vote in the House or win the impeachment trial in the Senate. That his support amongst Congressional Republicans and Southern right-wing Democrats was disappearing. And that he either resigns now or gets kicked out of office which would’ve been either more tragic for him and his family. But the country as well for having to go through that impeachment debate and vote in the House and the trial in the Senate. That he, his family and the country would be better off if he just calls it quits now and put the. Presidency in the capable hands of Gerald Ford.


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