Omarosa Morgan: Video: Mark Levin: ‘Third Party is Not The Answer’: How a Far-Right Third-Party Would Benefit The GOP

Confederate Party

Confederate Party

Mark Levin: Third party is not the answer – YouTube.

The American political system would be better off if all of our political factions and ideologies. Were represented with their own political party. Rather than having the two major political parties trying to represent the entire right and left wings respectfully. Instead of having the Republican Party trying to represent the entire right-wing in America. From Conservatives and Libertarians on the center-right to Neoconservatives and the. Christian-Right on the far-right people who I put into one faction and call Neo-Confederates. Who share very similar views on economic policy and social issues. And the Democratic Party trying to represent the entire left-wing in America. From Liberals and Progressives on the center-left to Socialists or Social-Democrats on the far-left. Let the two main parties represent the center-right and center-left in America and other factions battle it out on the fringes. Republicans and Democrats would look a hell of a lot better than and everyone would have their own voice. In American politics in make this Liberal Democracy even greater.

To focus on the Republican Party thus would be great for them and allow for them to bring in new voters. Libertarians, Northeastern-Conservatives, fiscally Conservative socially Moderate Independents. Business oriented Latino, African, Asian and Jewish Americans and all of these groups have a lot of those voters. As well as Gays and even Muslims because now the Republican Leadership wouldn’t feel the need to run to their far-right. To make sure they do not lose that support while offending these other groups who in a lot of ways would fit in. Very well as Republicans and allow for the GOP to grow in the Northeast and California. And at least hold their own in Florida and the Southwest two areas thanks to Latinos. Poised to become Democratic areas. Texas may become a swing state by 2020 thanks to the Mexican-American population there.

The Confederates would lose out in this at least in the short-term. Because they would be left without a voice in a major political party. But they would have the opportunity to build up their new party by appealing to new voters. But this would be great for the Republican Party in the long-term even though it would hurt them in the short-term. Because it would give them a whole new playing field in which to compete for voters and win elections.


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