Closed Captions Zone: Video: President Nixon’s First Watergate Speech: April 30, 1973

Hotel Scandal

Hotel Scandal

President Nixon's First Watergate Speech (April 30, 1973) – YouTube.

This speech didn’t do President Nixon any good in this investigation. Because instead of using the speech as an opportunity to layout exactly what the President knew about the Watergate. break-in a break-in he didn’t even order by the way. He tried to make the investigation seem smaller than it was that he was doing everything he could to see that Congress had all the. Information that they needed to conduct the investigation. When the facts are what he was doing was covering up his own coverup if that makes any sense. And trying to hide the most sensitive information that he had that put him on the playing field of the coverup. So what happened was instead of President Nixon putting all of his cards on the table in the beginning and never. Attempting the coverup, President Nixon would’ve at least survived Watergate. And only his deputies would’ve taken the fall instead.


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