Washington Examiner: Video: Senate Leader Harry Reid Sets The Stage For a Filibuster Battle: Debating Ending Senate Debate

United States Congress

United States Congress

Harry Reid sets the stage for a filibuster battle – YouTube.

I hope just as an American first and a Democrat second but I hope as a Democrat as well. That the so-called nuclear option becomes a nuclear threat but a real threat. That this is sinking into Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and McConnell is telling his caucus that we need an. Agreement here or this is going to be real and he’s telling his caucus this behind closed doors. And the agreement at the end will be that the current executive nominations that are being held up. Will get final votes or maybe they’ll move to a system that sixty votes will be needed to approve executive nominations. But the filibuster will be eliminated and Senators will have to vote one way or the other. If that were the case than you would see more Senate Republicans vote for President Obama’s nominees. Because they are not there to impose gridlock but to legislate. Senators like Lias Murkowski, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, John McCain, Lindsay Graham. There is still a group of Republican Senators that are responsible and want to legislate even work with Democrats to do that. Because it is much easier to vote against cloture, meaning vote not to vote. Which tends not to get reported at home but it is more difficult to vote against people who are qualified for the offices. That they are being appointed to so that would be my idea for a compromise.


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