PBS: Video: Newshour: A Look Back at the 1973 Senate Watergate Hearings

Irvin/Baker Committee

Irvin/Baker Committee

A Look Back at the Senate Watergate Hearings – YouTube.

The 1973 Senate Watergate hearings represented the end of the Nixon Administration. As far as an effective force in government and left the White House basically with nothing else to do. Than to focus on Watergate and their political survival. Because so much came out of these hearings that made the President Nixon look too involved in this scandal and not someone doing. Whatever he could to get the truth out and report everything that he knew about the scandal. That instead what President Nixon and what was left of his White House team were doing. That is the people who were still loyal to him and able to stay in office and not under pressure to. Talk to investigators and under threat of going to prison. The people who were left to work for President Nixon saw this as nothing but political survival. That if the whole story comes out that will be the end of the Nixon Administration through either impeachment and conviction. From Congress or President Nixon resigning his office to avoid that.


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