Townhall: Opinion: Walter E. Williams: What Egyptians Need: Egyptians Need to Build Their Own Future

Egyptian Democrats

Egyptian Democrats

What Egyptians Need – Walter E. Williams – Page 1.

It is easy for Americans basically a half world away to tell a country of eighty million people who. You set up your country the way we have ours and do things the American way. Just like it is easy for Europeans who take more of a Social-Democratic look at politics and government. To say this is what works in Europe so you should become more like us America. Earth is a planet with all sorts of different countries and people’s and cultures and political. Philosophies and other demographics that make each country different from each other and each continent and country different from each other. So what may work in Europe may not work in America and what may work in America may not work in Egypt. Egypt is a mature large country of eighty million people. We are not talking about Afghanistan that doesn’t have much of a history of a governing society let alone Democracy. Egypt knows how to govern itself and what government needs to do but what they need to figure. Out is exactly what authority should government at all levels should have in Egypt. And what freedom should Egyptians have to live their own lives.

It seems to me from five-thousand miles away or so from Egypt that if Egypt is serious about Democracy or even Liberal-Democracy. Which is the Democratic system I prefer as a Liberal. Then you need some type of Federal-Republic with separation of powers. A Federalist system with a Federal government but state or provincial to go along with local governments as well. That are all part of the same republic but operate separately from each other. With a clear separation of powers with different branches at all levels. To keep the executive from having too much power and to keep dictators whether they are military of Theocratic from coming. Back to power and trying to consolidate most if not all of the power in the country with the executive. And than after this type of governmental system is set in place. Then its up to the Egyptian people to elect people who are small d democrats whether they come from the. Left or Right but people who believe in this new Egyptian constitution and believe in Democracy.

You set up the new governmental system in Egypt including the new constitution. And then you have certain constitutional rights in place that protect the Egyptian people but allows for. Egypt to govern itself. Things like freedom of speech and assembly. Freedom of press rather that state control of press. Freedom to practice or not practice religion of all kinds. Equal rights between males and females and all Egyptians no matter their race or ethnicity. Egypt is a very diverse country. Property rights and the right to privacy. Once these things are in place then Egypt will be able to govern itself if they were to take this route and hopefully. The Liberal-Democratic coalition in Egypt and there is one will push for these reforms. And Egypt will be put into position to focus on its economy and develop its economy. Where all Egyptians will have access to quality education, job-training, healthcare and have the. Freedom to set their own course in life and not be dependents on the state.

Another reform I believe Egypt needs to have is to get the control of the military under the executive and under civilian control. Rather than the Egyptian military trying to govern the country. But again as someone whose an outsider of Egypt this is not for me to decide. And Egypt will have the opportunity to build their own country and decide for themselves where. They want to go and if they make the right decisions. They can become the leader in the Middle East and a power that can compete with the rest of the world.


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