Washington Post: Opinion: Norman J. Ornstein: Let’s Enact a New Voting Rights Act: Why Americans Should Have a Constitutional Right to Vote

Right to Vote

Right to Vote

Let's enact a new Voting Rights Act – Politics and Public Opinion – AEI.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is the perfect example of why we need a constitutional right to vote. Especially in a political system and culture that is so divided where you have extreme partisans on both sides. More interested in looking for the quickest easiest advantage and achieving absolute power rather than simply just getting. Elected to office so they can push the policies and bills that they believe in. America is in a political quagmire a partisan war amongst each other rather than working together to move. The country forward its more of a political civil war with partisans on both sides only interested in destroying the other side. To hopefully have absolute power everywhere in the country and the perhaps finally push their political agendas. And stripping the part of the Voting Rights Act that allows for the Federal Government to oversee redistricting laws that. Are intended to prevent voters who normally wouldn’t vote for the party pushing these laws. Only makes this problem worst and why we need a modern Voting Rights Act as well as a constitutional amendment. Guaranteeing the right to vote for all American adults.

Senator Pat Leahy Chairman of the Judiciary Committee has already announced his intention to take up the Voting Rights Act in his committee. And hopefully he’ll get cooperation from the Republican minority in the Senate to push a Bipartisan bill in committee and on the Senate. Floor so a good modern Voting Rights Act can pass the U.S. Senate where it will take at least sixty votes to make that happen. Strong passage of the Voting Rights Act will push the Republican House to at least push their own bill. Which would be in their long-term interest to pickup Latin and African-Americans in the future. With a coalition of House Democrats and mainstream Republicans that would pass the bill. But long-term we also need a constitutional right to vote as well that would prevent these so-called Voter ID laws that are really. Intended to prevent members from the other party from voting and in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

Any Liberal-Democracy which America is should have a constitutional right to vote. That should just be plain common sense and go without saying like you would have a. Constitutional right to speak or right to privacy and property rights. And the fact that we do not have that is allowing states to prevent voters legally that they do not believe will vote for their. Party from voting by making it very difficult to vote and a modern Voting Rights Act that could pass the Supreme Court. And a constitutional right to vote would make that happen.


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