National Review: Video: MSNBC’s, Daily Rundown: Ralph Nader Slams President Obama, Hillary Clinton

Democratic-Socialist Activist

Democratic-Socialist Activist

Nader Slams Obama, Hillary – YouTube.

Ralph Nader is essentially saying that Democrats and Republicans meaning the parties. Are essentially the same politically on economic policy but differ on social issues. Which is hard for me to take seriously on the economic front. When you listen to President Obama’s economic speeches from last week and throughout his presidency that have been about building the. Economy from the middle out and creating an environment where all Americans can succeed and be successful. And rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and moving the country towards energy independence and reforming the immigration system. Whereas the whole Republican economic plan has been about deficit reduction. More tax cuts for wealthy people and business’s and cutting more regulations. The theory being that cutting taxes and regulations for some would benefit for everyone. The whole trickle-down economic policy of the late 1970s and 1980s that Republicans have never moved away from.


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