Senator Tom Coburn: Video: Dr. Coburn on the Senate Floor: ‘Obamacare Will Only End With Full Repeal’

Dr. No

Dr. No

Dr. Coburn on the Senate Floor: Obamacare Will Only End With Full Repeal – YouTube.

Senator Coburn offering a voice of reason and reality based thinking by acknowledging that the only way. Republicans can defeat the Affordable Care Act, meaning ending the bill is by repeal. Which takes a Republican President and a Republican Congress. It’s not going to happen with a Democratic President and with Republicans only controlling the House of Representatives in a. Divided Congress with a Democratic Senate as part of that Congress. Threatening to shut down the government unless the ACA is defunded won’t work politically. Because Republicans will look like they are playing blackmail and holding government and the people who depend on those. Services hostage and of course it won’t work practically because of the power that Democrats still hold. With the White House and the Senate.


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