92 2nd Street Y: Michael Steele- How To Revive The Republican Party




Source: 92nd Street Y

Source: 92nd Street Y: Michael Steele- How To Revive The Republican Party

First of all I’m a Liberal Democrat so it’s not in my party’s best interest for the Republican Party to be revived. Where they can compete well outside of rural America and the Bible Belt. Who can compete well for female voters and ethnic and racial minorities and non-Evangelical religious voters. Instead the Democratic Party’s interest would be for the GOP to stay on course and continue to alienate the rest of America that traditionally doesn’t vote Republican. And only do well with Caucasian rural and business oriented men from the Bible Belt. So this piece is a little difficult for me as a Democrat, because I’m saying what I believe the opposition should do in order to be successful. But I believe any liberal democracy needs at least two strong political parties to give voters choice which is why I don’t want to see the Democratic Party become the only major political party in America. That we need a strong conservative party to counter-balance a Liberal Democratic Party.

I believe what the Republican Party needs to do is essentially rebuild and start that rebuilding process. And start it now so they are as strong as they possibly can be in the future and have a real shot at the Latino, Asian and even female voters in the future. The good news is what they need to do is fairly simple and really get back to being what they use to be. Which was a real conservative party that believed in limited government, not limited freedom, but individual freedom for all Americans both economically and personally rather than what they have become now. Not all Republicans, but too many Republicans have become about economic freedom for the wealthy and business’s and the rest of the country being left with what business’s and the wealthy are willing to give us. That we might keep everyone’s taxes down unless we can raise them on the middle class, or poor to give the wealthy more tax cuts. But we are going to put in government in the homes of very American who doesn’t agree with us to tell them how to live their personal lives and what they can do with their own lives. Limited freedom for some, but big government for the rest.

The Republican Party needs to get back to its roots and tell Latinos, Asians, Jews even and perhaps even African-Americans and Michael Steele could help with that, that the GOP is no longer interested in alienating non-traditional Republicans. That they want you to and they have a message for you that is about individual freedom both economic and personal. That all Americans are worthy of being American and we all have the same constitutional rights. The Right to life, liberty, speech, privacy and so-forth. That these rights aren’t just for Caucasian men who live in the Bible Belt.


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