House Republicans: Video: Weekly Republican Address 8/17/13: U.S. Representative Shelley Moore Capito


House Republicans, clearly know what they are against when it comes to healthcare reform. But haven’t figured out what they are for. Which will be a big problem for them as they consider shutting down government over defunding the Affordable Care Act. Or run against it next year when they are questioned about what they would do instead. Where’s the so-called party of ideas when it comes to health care reform? Or maybe they love the old health care system with how expensive it was more than the current system. And are just saying, “ObamaCare is bad and lets just go back to the old system. Where people can lose their health insurance simply because they need it.” But people don’t sign up for health insurance, simply in order to pay insurance companies. That they actually expected to be able to take out what they paid into once they actually needed it. Which is what insurance is about. Putting money down, so you can have it and use it when you actually need it. Regardless for whatever it is that you’re insuring.
Shelley Moore Capito

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