National Review: Video: CBS News Face The Nation: U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte: “Good Possibilities For Reforming Immigration”

Chairman of The Judiciary Committee

Chairman of The Judiciary Committee

Goodlatte: 'Good Possibilities' for Reforming Immigration – YouTube.

I believe there is a solid possibility of the Republican House passing an immigration reform bill that looks similar. To the Democratic Senate bill but perhaps there will be several bills that the House could go to conference with the Senate on. And the House passes one bill or several bills dealing with comprehensive immigration reform by late this year or early next. Year because the Republican Leadership are reading the polls and know they need new voters like Latinos. And this would be good for them politically as well as boost the economy as Republicans are telling them. And probably do not want to debate immigration reform as all of their members are up for reelection next year. And give Latinos another reason to vote Democratic in the 2014 mid-terms.


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