▶Steven Lahoe: Video: FNC’s Sean Hannity: Mark Levin The Liberty Amendments

All We Need

All We Need

▶ Mark Levin "The Liberty Amendements" – (COMPLETE) Sean Hannity Special – Fox News – 8-16-13 – YouTube.

Where I believe I agree with Mark Levin is a problem with America is not the U.S. Constitution. But people in power in America who do not understand the Constitution. These revelations about the National Security Agency and are privacy are prefect examples of that.

But as far as the U.S. Constitution is concern, again the Constitution is not the problem. All of the freedom and power that Americans are supposed to have is already there and guaranteed in. The Constitution again it is just about our public officials who in a lot of cases are elected by the people. Enforcing the Constitution and not violating our freedom. Which is how we get the Patriot Act, indefinite detention, endless wars without Congress being able to step in. There other than deciding not to fund the troops that President sends over to stop these wars. Again the problem with Constitution is not the Constitution but the public officials who are supposed to work under it. As well as people on the Far-Right and Far-Left who aren’t fans of the Constitution who are Statists in one form or the other. Who are always trying to amend the Constitution so government has more power in our lives. With the Far-Right it has to do with our personal lives and who we conduct ourselves personally. With the Far-Left it is Federal-power over our money and with the Paternalists on the Far-Left as well. Who want control over our personal-well-being.

If you want to amend the Constitution especially if you call yourself a Conservative. Which of course Mark Levin does, then you shouldn’t be in favor of amending the Constitution. That limits our individual freedom especially political freedom and the ability to hold our. Public officials accountable like with term-limits in Congress or taking away voters the ability. To decide who represents us in the United States Senate. The upper chamber in Congress and the most powerful legislative body in the world. That power should rest with the people and what we need in Congress including the Senate. Is more competitive elections so Congress is more accountable to the people.


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