Chomsky in Nederland: Noam Chomsky- On Freedom of Speech


Noam Chomsky

Source: FreeState Plus– Free speech defender, Professor Noam Chomsky

Source: Chomsky in Nederland: Noam Chomsky on Freedom of Speech

Noam Chomsky explaining exactly why freedom of speech is so important. Without free speech you’re left with fascism. With the state telling you what you can say and how you can think. We would be stuck living in Marxist Utopia that would perhaps only be a Utopia for Marxists, but hell on Earth for everyone else. Free speech is not about saying things that are obviously true, which is stating the obvious. Which is generally a waste of time and can even come off as insulting especially if you make a habit of it. Leaving listeners to think, “you really think I don’t already know that?”

Free speech is exactly that. The ability for one to express themselves freely and say what they believe and what they know. Short of selling state secrets, or harassing someone, or libeling someone, or inciting violence. Without having to worry about the state coming down on you, or being sued for what you believe and what you say. Even if others are offended by it. You even have the right in America to say things that aren’t true and even hateful. Short of libeling, harassing, or inciting violence. Which I believe today’s so-called Progressives who really sound like Marxist-Fascists don’t seem to understand.

Free speech is not nice speech, or mean speech necessarily, but the right for people to express themselves and tell the truth even if it may offend others. To share inconvenient truths about others that perhaps the broader public are not aware of. And to even say things that aren’t true. But what comes with free speech is also personal responsibility. That when you express yourself, you’re going to be heard and others will have the opportunity to express how they feel about what you said. And you may not like what they say about what you said. But they’re just using the same right to free speech as you are.


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