American Liberty: What American Liberalism is Truly About


The reason why I’m posting this is so all of my followers and anyone who may read this, has a good idea of what FreeState Plus is about. What this blog is about and where I come down the line politically. Whatever your political philosophy is about it should start from a basis of facts. Knowing what the facts are or as many of them as possible that are relevant to the things you talk about and believe in. So that is where I start but once you get there, then its good but perhaps not necessary to have an idea of what you should do with those facts and what they mean.

To use as an example, we know that we have weak economic growth and high unemployment. Those are the facts but then the question is what should we do about it. And that is where political philosophy and ideology can come in and play a constructive role. If your philosophy is factually based, I believe in these things and they are good because of the facts and I can back up my arguments with the facts. Rather than having an argument first and then searching for facts later to back up your political views.

I’m a Liberal, I’ve made that public and do not keep it a secret either through my blogging and just how I label myself. But Liberal means a lot to a lot of different people. When the American Federal Republic was founded, Liberal was seen as someone who was a defender and supporter of individual freedom. And fighting off those would empower the state over the people. Today Liberal in the modern sense is seen as someone on the Left. Rather than been seen as a political philosophy it is seen as someone on a political spectrum.

“Conservatives on the right, Liberals on the Left. If you are in favor of limited government, you are a Conservative. If you are in favor of expansionist government you are a Liberal.” Well if that were the case then America would be made up of mostly Conservatives and we wouldn’t have a two-party-system which of course is simply not true. We have two main political parties and one is on the Left and the other on the right. And they both believe in limited government for the most part. The difference being that limited government means different things to both parties.

My idea of liberalism is the classical one not the libertarian one. But the classical Liberal notion and at least to me the only notion of what it means to be a Liberal. A defender of liberty and individual freedom someone who is against big government both in an economic as well as personal sense. Who isn’t anti-government like a lot of Libertarians. But sees government playing a key role in seeing that all Americans are able to live in freedom. Not just the special few and what we do with that freedom is up to us. And I hope my blogging reflects that.

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