▶John Birch Society: Video: “Wrap-Up Regarding Mark Levin’s Dangerous Con-Con Proposal”

Liberty Amendments?

Liberty Amendments?

▶ “Wrap-Up Regarding Mark Levin’s Dangerous Con-Con Proposal” – YouTube.

I have blogged about a month ago the problem is not the United States Constitution itself but the public officials. In both parties who don’t seem to understand it or do not agree with it. And essentially believe that we live in a Majoritarian-Democracy where the Constitution doesn’t. Apply to at least the things that they want to pass but are more than happy to stand up for the Constitution. When something that becomes law that they seriously disagree with. As well as the voters who keep electing these people and then complain who represents them. And that goes to my main issue with Mark Levin’s so-called liberty amendments because he. Essentially tries to save Americans from themselves from his ideological vantage point by limiting. How Americans elect their members of Congress. With in some cases taking the power away from the voters and giving it to the state legislatures especially if they are Republican. And Right-Wing and giving this most important power to them rather than the voters themselves.


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