Mass Tea Party: FNC’s On The Record- U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s Response On President Obama’s Syria Speech



First of all I’m not surprised that Senator Paul was not convinced by President Obama’s speech. That America should act militarily against Syria simply because he does not see Syria as a threat to our national security. And as long as a country or organization is not a threat to our national security. Senator Paul believes America should never act militarily against them. Which is the classical Libertarian-Isolationist view. Which I happen to disagree with him on as a Liberal-Internationalist.

But that is not my only disagreement with Senator Paul on Syria. Which shouldn’t shock anyone he reads this blog. Syria is in our national security interest, actually any dictator he feels the power. To murder their own people is in our national security interest at least when it comes to warfare. And Syria is clearly at war with itself right now, that is what civil wars are. They are in our national security interest because once a dictator believes they can murder their own people without serious consequences if any. They not only believe they can do that again but it empowers other dictators to do the same thing against. Their own population when they feel their regime is threatened by their own people. Or do the same thing against our allies if they feel those countries are threats to them as well. Or arm private groups to do their work for us. These are the lessons of World War II, as well as pre 9/11. That if you allow dictators or terrorists to go uncheck, they’ll be empowered to use the power. You allow them to have.

But those aren’t the only disagreements that I have with Senator Paul as I’ve already indicated. The third one at least in his speech kinda of got me because I would think someone in Congress who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee. One of the most important committees in Congress would know better. But he said that Bashar Al-Assad does not believe that a military strike against his regime would hurt him. Well the fact is that Assad wouldn’t be at the negotiating table right now at least officially. Had it not have been for a real threat of military force against him and Senator Paul should know better than that.

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