▶Wall Street Journal: Video: Opinion: James Freeman: RIP Big Labor?

Teacher Strike

Teacher Strike

▶ Opinion: James Freeman: RIP Big Labor? – YouTube.

A big problem for organize labor is that you now have economic-Libertarians and Neoconservatives in power in government. In Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and perhaps other places who simply are anti-labor. And want management in the public and private sectors to have all the power when it comes to compensation and benefits to workers. So they can pay them and benefit them as little as possible. Because what happens with strong, effective and well run labor unions is that management has to work with them. Because they do not have all the power and you have unions representing the workers. Which is what happens in pro sports to use as a perfect example so going forward organize labor in America. Has a huge political problem that they are going to have to overcome to stay in business in the. Future which gets to electing people to office Democratic or otherwise. Who aren’t anti-labor and would like to see a balance between labor and management in America.


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