Channel 4 News: Scotland Independence- Live Debate

Scottish Independence

Scottish Independence


Federalism might be the only say to save the current United Kingdom the way it is currently set up physically. With England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. And Federalism would mean that Britain would have real states or provinces where these states would be able to govern their own domestic affairs and leave the national priorities over to the national government in London, England. Foreign affairs, national security, interstate commerce, the currency, interstate crime. The issues where these states would relate between each other, but allow for the states to handle their own affairs inside their own states. Britain is not a little state or country, but a country and union over roughly sixty-five million people with still one of the largest economies as well as most influential countries in the world politically and when it comes to international affairs. And when you centralize most of the power with one government in one of these U.K. states where basically one ethnic group in Britain the English control most of the power, you leave the other states feeling left out and as if they need to go their own way so they can govern themselves.

▶ Scotland Independence: Live Debate – YouTube.


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