▶ We Are The Savage Nation: Video: U.S. Representative Jackie Speier: Telling House Republicans to Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are on Food Assistance

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

▶ U.S. Representative Jackie Speier: Telling House Republicans to Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are – YouTube.

I’m just going to be completely blunt here because I’ve listened to a lot of lets say garbage from House Republicans. About government waste and overspending and if you read my blog on a regular basis you know I’m not a fan of government waste. And blog about how to reform the United States Government. But now House Republicans latest target is food assistance for low-income people who simply do not make enough money to feed themselves and their families. Yes that is what food assistance is about giving low-income people money to help them cover. Their grocery bills and they have to go the extra miles and probably have to walk a lot of those miles. Figuratively and I’m sure in reality as well to make the little money they for groceries. From their little pay checks if they are working or public assistance checks plus food assistance. So they can feed themselves and their families and perhaps have to eat a lot of cheap food. That they normally wouldn’t eat or feed their kids that is probably not very healthy for them. So they can eat at all that is what food assistance is about.

So when I hear House Republicans who get a voucher of something like hundred bucks a day when they travel on House business. It pisses me off because I hear people with such balls complain about others who have to survive on 10-15 dollars a day if that for food. From tax payers when they themselves get hundred bucks a day for food courtesy of tax payers when. They take trips for government business and that was exactly what Representative Jackie Speier whose known. For a having a way with words and the ability to make political points through humor was doing. She was saying put your money where your mouths are and if you are going to cut the food budgets of poor people. Cut your own food budget that you receive from tax payers as well or try feeding yourself and your family on the food budget that. Poor people get and see how well you do that.

It is easy to pick on poor people because whose going to stop you from doing it. The food assistance that House Republicans passed with a five vote majority will never become law. At least in this Congress with a Democratic Senate but if House Republicans were serious about. This they would apply the food assistance budget to their own when they are out-of-town on government business.


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