▶ Tax Reformer: Video: MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hays: Mattie Duppler Discusses SNAP Reform and Spending Cuts

Food Stamps

Food Stamps

▶ MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hays: Mattie Duppler Discusses SNAP Reform and Spending Cuts – YouTube.

If this was a real debate on how to cut welfare spending in America. Then we would be talking about how to move people out of poverty so they do not need the public assistance. Rather than saying that we have so many people in poverty in America and our public assistance has. Gone up as a result so what we need to do is cut spending on that. Which might save a few bucks up front but you create huge costs down the road with people who still can’t afford to. Eat because not much if anything has been done to actually move them out of poverty. Like help them find a job or a better job, empowering them to go back to school so they can get. Better skills and get a good job and not need public assistance at all. What the Republican House is doing instead is saying you are still in poverty, you still can’t find a good job. Because you are low-skilled or the good job in the field you use to work in is now gone. So what we are going to do is make your life even worst and cut off the one remaining lifeline. That you have left and leave you desperate and perhaps do things that you haven’t done in the. Past for food perhaps stealing or other illegal activities.


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