Newsmax: Rev. Jesse Jackson- “President Obama Has no Visible Plan to Help Nation’s Poor”

War on Poverty?

War on Poverty?

At some point in the next few months I’m going to write a series. A series of blogs about what I’m going to title it the Campaign to End Poverty in America. Maybe I’ll get a book out of it but I would be a series of blogs about what exactly needs to be done to get our rate. Of poverty down to a more competitive level with the rest of the developed world so we no. Longer see regions and states in America that look as undeveloped as parts of Central America or Africa. That all fifty states looked developed instead. Just a little heads up for my followers.

War is one of those words in the American English dictionary that is way overused to the point it has sorta lost its real meaning. Sorta like awesome or troll, or hot or fabulous that anything new or hip or exciting tends to get labeled awesome without a lot of thought. To what the word awesome actually or hot actually means. Anyone who someone doesn’t like or anything that one person says that someone doesn’t like. That one statement can get that person labeled a troll and we see this on social networks if you follow those things on a. Regular basis all the time but the word war is different because it has real-life and death consequences. Where even though sometimes it is necessary like when you are under attacked. Innocent people die anyway because that is the nature of war. Having to use the types of weapons to knock the enemy out even though knowing some innocent people even if they live. With the other side may get killed out but you use those weapons to protect the innocent people. That you are responsible for that is what happens in war.

America does not have a war on poverty and actually it never did. It was just a slogan that the Johnson Administration used to take on poverty in America in a meaningful way. It was a campaign that almost fifty years later we are still running to try to wipeout poverty in. America a goal that I wish was possible but we’ll simply never end as long as students are dropping out of school. And people are having kids before they are ready to take care of them and we have schools that simply fail students and do not provide them with the skills that. They need to be successful in life and not have to live in poverty in the first place. What poverty is, is a human condition that unfortunately way too many Americans live through. Similar to cancer but it isn’t a medical disease but an economic condition that people live through and. Have to try to do the best they can with it so it is not something you defeat in a war. But something you treat as a condition and empower people to get pass it and through it so they can live a successful life instead.

What we need in America to develop an economic cure for how we reduce poverty in America. We’ll never wipeout it most likely, we really shouldn’t ever say never. But we sure as hell can cut it back and reduce it to the point that we are talking about it like how we talk. About people who are addicted to alcohol or something which is a problem. But not to the point that it negatively affects the entire country like poverty does. Which affects all of us whether we live in poverty or not.


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