U.S. House Republicans: 9/26/13 Republican Leadership Press Conference

Tea Party

Tea Party

My message to Speaker John Boehner

House Republicans need to grow up especially the Tea Party and that starts with the House Republican Leadership. Starting with Speaker John Boehner and he needs to tell his children in the Tea Party and step up like their father. And say you can’t get everything you want in Congress it just doesn’t work like that especially in a divided Congress. With a Republican House and a Democratic Senate. We do not have the votes to pass the bill that we want in the Senate and the country by an overwhelming majority doesn’t want a government shutdown. Especially over one issue that has already been decided by the U.S. Supreme Court and the 2012 general elections. That reelected President Obama with an overwhelming majority in the Electoral College and gave the Democratic Senate more seats. That if we are going to repeal the Affordable Care Act we simply need more power than the lower chamber of Congress. The House of Representatives, that we need the Senate and White House as well. But until we have the power that we need to do exactly what we want. We have to work with Democrats or pay a heavy price for a government shutdown.


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