▶ We Are The Savage Nation: Video: CNN’s The Situation Room: Wolf Blitzer & U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann Brawl Over The Benefits of ObamaCare



▶ CNN’s The Situation Room: Wolf Blitzer & Michelle Bachmann Brawl Over The Benefits of ObamaCare – YouTube.

I wonder which Americans Representative Michelle Bachmann is talking about when she says there are Americans. Who believe that they’ll die under so-called ObamaCare. But again this is the same person who called same-sex-marriage a threat to national security. When she spent three months running for president in 2011. Well I guess she wasn’t aware that the presidential election would be held in 2012 and ran for president the wrong year because she. Didn’t campaign at all for president in 2012 but this is Michelle Bachmann. And you shouldn’t take everything she says with a grain of salt but an entire jar of salt because she seem to. Be talking above her pay grade about all issues that relate to United States Government business. And the voters in her district finally have figured that out which is why she’s not running for reelection in 2014 for the House of Representatives. And will not be a member of the next Congress. Which is bad for comedians and bloggers but great for the rest of the country who doesn’t happen to be a member of the Far-Right.

Not sure this is saying much but this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen from Wolf Blitzer. Because he put Representative Bachmann on the spot in each of his questions. And she dodged almost all of them so she could focus on her talking points of ObamaCare is bad. And repeat her lies or ignorance about the Affordable Care Act. But every time she did that he tried to get her back to the original question.


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