▶ Newsmax: Video: Steve Malzberg Show: Stephen Moore Editorial Member of The Wall Street Journal

Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

▶ Stephen Moore Editorial Board Member and Senior Economics Writer at The Wall Street Journal – YouTube.

You know the House Progressive Caucus when the Democrats were in charge of the House of Representatives. In the last two years of President Bush’s administration didn’t say. Look Mr. President you agree to repeal your tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 or we won’t agree to fund. The Federal Government for 2008 and 2009 or say we won’t agree to fund the Federal Government. Unless you repeal Medicare Advantage of 2003 prescription drugs that passed mostly with Congressional Republican votes. In the House and Senate and was held open in the House for debate. Some ten hours after time had run out in the House to pass it because the House Republican Leadership at the time didn’t have the votes for their own Medicare bill.

This is why what House Republicans led by the Tea Party which I believe by the time this debate and the debt ceiling debate is over. Will be a dying party because of the hell that is coming the Republican Party’s way as a result of this later this year and into 2014. Because they are saying you do this for us or we won’t do our jobs. What is the job of Congress, the number one job and really the only thing they are required to do every year. Pass a federal budget that funds the Federal Government, that and along with Congressional oversight. Of the Executive Branch is really the only thing that Congress House and Senate are supposed to do. Every year everything else they do is a reaction to the political moments at the time. Or situations that happen in the country having to do with economic and foreign policy to use. As examples and to tell the President of the United States or the Leader of the U.S. Senate that we. Aren’t going to do our jobs which is to fund the Federal Government unless you give us a gift. Like repealing a law that we hate is completely irresponsible and childish. And should be treated as such.

So how will this end, the House Republican Leadership will cave. Either right before a government shutdown, which is not likely but possible. Or they’ll cave tomorrow afternoon because they’ll be portrayed as irresponsible and will see polls that a government shutdown. Is hammering them and they need to get past this so they can move on to other issues. Where they have more room and where Democrats will have to negotiate.


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