Newsmax: Steve Salzburg Show- Mark Thiessen Explains GOP Failure on ObamaCare




Source: Newsmax: Steve Salzburg Show- Syndicated Columnist Mark Thiessen Explains The GOP Failures Over ObamaCare

House Republicans blew this debate that they are going to lose and be left with nothing, but caving. Just a matter if it is this week or next week unless they send the Senate a clean government funding bill with House Republican numbers. Which is the only thing they can get out of this latest preventable crisis. When they attached so-called ObamaCare language to the government funding bill. Something that only seems to make sense in the Tea Party, but no where else which is a small faction of the country. And even a minority of the Republican Party. That is why they are losing this debate and will lose big, because they are expecting Democrats to reward them for doing their job. Which is to keep the trains running and fund the government.


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