National Review: Video: Jack Fowler: History and The Modern Conservative Movement



Jack Fowler: History and The Modern Conservative Movement – YouTube.

If the idea of Modern-Conservative is the religious-right plus the Neoconservatives. Put those two groups together and they are very similar ideologically and perhaps only disagree when it. Comes to national security and foreign policy but together these are the Neo-Confederates in America. People who talk about the South succeeding from the union over issues like homosexuality and what they see as an over-intrusive Federal Government. If this is the idea of the Modern-Conservative big government statists on the Far-Right. Then no this movement isn’t very Conservative because they want to take power away from the individual when it comes to. Personal choice and freedom and give that power to the state and even take the power away from the people. In how we elect members of Congress, again then no this is not Conservatism in America but a right-wing Far-Right version of statism. But if Modern-Conservatism is about individual freedom and limited government both economic and personal. The Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan Conservative movement then Conservatism is alive and well in America.


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