▶ National Review: Video: NYC School Choice March

Supporters of Charter Schools

Supporters of Charter Schools

▶ NYC School Choice March – YouTube.

Anyone whose interested in closing the income gap and education gaps in America. Or what others and I’m not one of them call income inequality should not only be interested in but. In favor of at least some level and degree of school choice. Doesn’t mean you need to be in favor of private school vouchers and taking money from the public school system to pay for. People to go to private schools, personally I’m not in favor of that but I’m in favor and others should be as. Well of public school choice and allowing for parents with their kids to decide what is the best school for their kids. Rather than a central office in the school system making that decision for them. Based on where the students live rather than what is the best school for the student. As well as being in favor of charter schools that are independent public schools where educators are paid better. And where more is expected of both the educators and students so people who are born in poverty. Aren’t automatically sentenced to a life in poverty but also so the quality of education you get. No longer depends on the income level of your parents but what you are personally able to do. With the good opportunities you receive in life to get a good education.


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