Washington Examiner: Opinion- Noemie Emery- Tea Party Needs to Grow up Before it is Too Late For Republicans

Tea Party Shutdown

Tea Party Shutdown

<img class="size-full wp-image-1982" Washington Examiner: Opinion- Noemie Emery- Tea Party Needs to Grow up Before it is Too Late For Republicans

I would title this the Republican Party needs to grow up or the Republican establishment needs to grow up and take back the GOP. And I’ll explain what I mean about Republican establishment but it is basically the group or faction in the Republican Party. That essentially runs the party or has that responsibility and normally. House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell the two leaders of. Congressional Republicans would be part of this Republican establishment but since they are too weak to. Take on the Tea Party without putting their leadership roles on the line. They the Speaker and Minority Leader are at this point along for the ride and the. Tea Party is running the Congressional GOP right now.

But what the Republican establishment is basically a faction of adult Republicans and I mean that literally. If you look at the Tea Party right now in comparison whose main job is to look after the best interest of the Republican Party. Even if that means working with the Democrats to do this and it was the establishment that was running the show. Back in 1995-96 when Speaker Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton to go along with. Senate Leader Trent Lott who cut all of those deals that balanced the federal budget, put the country in. Position to pay down the national debt, reformed entitlements and Welfare and some of these were even done. During the Lewinski scandal of 1998 that saw the Speaker of the House lose his job as a result of his own extra marital affair. The Republican establishment are the Republicans that generally decide who the Republican frontrunner for president is going to. Be and makes sure House and Senate Republicans have the resources that they need to defeat Democrats. But also fend off primary challenges as well. They keep the, lets say loose cannons from the Far-Right at home and not in position. To take on mainstream Conservative Republicans.

The Republican establishment right now or by tomorrow could walk in to Speaker Boehners’s and Minority Leader McConnell’s. Offices or meet with them together a group of these Republicans with the resources and tells these two leaders to end the shutdown right now. Pass the Senate passed government funding bill that uses House Republican numbers not Democratic. Push the Affordable Care Act aside for now and let it fail on its own if that is really what the GOP. Believes will happen with the ACA and move onto the debt ceiling and set up a summit with Senate Democrats and President Obama. To work out the final agreement that passes a debt ceiling increase that doesn’t have ObamaCare language in it. But works out a debt ceiling agreement that pays for the debt ceiling increase dollar for dollar and let the. Republican and Democratic negotiators work out the final agreement like in a Congressional conference. Between the House and Senate with members of the Obama Administration involved.

All right so that is what the Republican establishment should call for. Now this is what they would give the House Republican and Senate Democratic leaderships in exchange. And what the leaderships would get, the establishment would provide the resources and back every. House and Senate Republican who backs this agreement publicly and with the money they need to fend. Off any potential Republican primary challenge and would blow away in campaigning any Tea Party challenger to any House and Senate Republican. Who backs this deal and the establishment would also back Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell publicly and. With the money they need to save their jobs and save face so they can continue to lead their conferences. This would save the Republican Party and not allow for the Tea Party to destroy it intentionally or otherwise. And put the House Republican Conference in position to retain its majority next year and. Senate Republicans and opportunity to retake the Senate in 2014 as well.

The Republican establishment in the GOP is the U.S. Chamber of Conference and a lot of if not most of its members. And other mainstream Conservative Republican groups who not only look after the best interest of the GOP. But their own financial and personal interests as well and who do not want a government shutdown or a default. Or a united Democratic Congress starting in 2015 and have the resources and power to save the GOP and prevent the. Tea Party from taking it down if they decide to.


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