U.S. House Republicans: Video: U.S. Representative Buck Mckeon: Weekly Republican Address 10/12/13

Responsible Republican?

Responsible Republican?

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What the House Republican Leadership should be doing right now is working with President Obama to open up the entire government. And get pass the piecemeal approach that no one buys and for the most part doesn’t take seriously other than paying federal workers during the. Tea Party government shutdown and that is what Speaker Boehner and President Obama are doing right now. The Senate which is known for bipartisanship is working on a bipartisan deal to open up the government and raise the debt ceiling. Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of all people are leading these negotiations. Because House Republicans seem incapable right now of producing anything that anyone likes except for the Tea Party. Because if they try to push for a broader agreement that ends this Tea Party created manmade. Disaster Speaker Boehner in a sense puts his own job on the line in his own conference. Something he’s not willing to do.


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