Townhall: Opinion: Michael Youseff: “Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism”:

Religious Left

Religious Left

Michael Youssef: “Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism” – .

Breaking news this just in there is actually a religious-left in America of Liberals, Progressives and Socialists. I’m not actually part of the religious-left but a part of the Agnostic-Left. If there is such a thing as a Liberal-Agnostic. But if you were to only listen to the religious-right and other members of the Far-Right in America. And if you only listen to these people you live in a tiny world of twenty million people. Compared with the rest of America but if you were to only listen to these people. And were dumb, drunk or high enough to take them seriously. You would think that everyone on the Left regardless of their ideology is not only secular. But Atheist and is so anti-religion that they are basically bigots to anyone who is religious including Muslims. Who may share their economic and foreign policy beliefs but the fact is. There is a real religious-left in America like Reverend Jim Wallis and publications like Sojourns.

The religious-left not only believe in the Ten Commandments but take them seriously and believes in all of them. Like live and let live, do on to others what you want done to you and try to help the less-fortunate.

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The religious-left tends to be somewhat Socialist or at least Progressive at least when it comes to economics. Especially when it comes to the less-fortunate and have strong beliefs that government should be there to. Take care of people especially the less-fortunate and want to see a much larger role for government in dealing with public assistance. And perhaps a much smaller role for the private sector when it comes to helping the less-fortunate in. America like being against charitable tax deductions for the wealthy and private foundations. Even though that is where a lot of the money is because they believe in a real welfare-state. And want government to be there to take care of the less-fortunate. Which is not my approach when it comes to public assistance in America. That welfare should become so effective that it becomes obsolete because welfare is. Moving people off of welfare and into the workforce. With good jobs and able to take care of themselves.

I love the idea of private non-profit groups getting involved in helping the less-fortunate in America. And even to a certain extent subsidizing them as long as that money doesn’t go to churches but their poverty relief. Programs instead especially groups on both the Right and Left and see real competition. In this area so the people who get the assistance get the best. Possible assistance available possible including education and job training so they can get themselves good jobs. And so again welfare becomes so effective that it becomes obsolete.


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