American Enterprise: Michael Barone- What to do About America’s Low-Skilled Workforce


Job Training Seminar

Job Training Seminar


Source: American Enterprise: Michael Barone- What to do About America’s Low-Skill Workforce

For anyone truly interested in reducing poverty in America and expanding our shrinking middle class. And going even further than that which is what I want to do and create real economic opportunity. Where more Americans can flourish and thrive, we need a better education and job training system. For our kids as well as our low-skilled adults whether they are currently working or not. So we no longer have so many adults in their thirties and forties working at supermarkets or. Fast-food restaurants or other minimum wage and other low-wage jobs. Instead of just saying it is good that at least these people are working and what they can’t make at. Work to support themselves we can make up in tax payer funded public assistance. When the fact is the better deal is for everyone that everyone or at least most of the population. Which is no longer the case now having the skills and jobs that allow for them to live in freedom. Being able to pay their own bills without having to have public assistance at all to pay their bills. The more people you have at least in the middle class, the more resources that government has. To do the things that we need it to.

How about instead of having an economy where tax payers subsidize big successful corporations. Essentially just for being successful in tax payer funded subsidies. We use at least some of that money to retrain our low-skilled workforce. Either through direct grants or vouchers to individuals so they can finish or further their education. Or give that money to business’s and non-profit groups to retrain their low-skilled workforce themselves. And empower these workers to go to community college and take classes there and get a degree. Go to vocational schools and seminars, or programs set up by non-profit groups to train workers. So they can get themselves good jobs. We spend roughly 50-100 billion dollars a year on what is called corporate welfare. We could transform corporate welfare into what is called workfare where low-skilled workers. And unemployed people on Welfare or Unemployment Insurance could get grants. To finish their education so they can get themselves a good job.

Improving education and job training in America for our low-skilled workforce. And low-income students is not that difficult. It is really just a matter of expanding it and we have the resources to do it that we are currently. Spending on things that we shouldn’t be spending that money on like corporate welfare and agriculture welfare. Money that would be much better spent on training our low-skilled workforce and expanding our middle class.

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