Commentary: Peter Wehner- Tea Party v. Establishment: What’s Next For The Republican Party?

Lost Cause

Lost Cause

Commentary Magazine: Peter Wehner-Tea Party v. Establishment.

Just seeing a poll saying that most Republicans do not consider the Tea Party Republicans. Or part of their party tells me that there is definitely a split in the Republican Party. That not all Republicans are current residents at the nut house and . Republicans who know the difference between fighting the good fight and actually knowing. How to fight and when you have to stop fighting for the good of the country. Most importantly but also for the good of the party. That if you are to be a party in power. Even if with a small loaf in a divided government. That you still have responsibility. To govern and work with the other side to govern the country and move it forward. And not continue to fight endless battles that can go on and on with no end in sight. And continue to fight those battles no matter what no matter how much damage it does. To the country and how much damage it does to your own party. Like putting your chances of winning back the U.S. Senate with pre-shutdown looked pretty good. And now risking putting the only part of the government you control the. U.S. House of Representatives at risk of being in play where again pre-shutdown it looked safe.

The time for the House Republicans to take on the Affordable Care Act and actually get it repealed. Was in the winter and spring of 2011 when they were at their highest moment. And look like a serious alternative to the Democratic Party. The problem with that though is they failed and partly failed because of a. Flawed strategy that they said repeal or nothing and not having repeal as a goal. And then see how close you could get to accomplishing that like defund or a serious over hall. Of the law and mistake number two was so-called repeal and replace. Which was really repeal and go back to the old system pre 2010 which was more. Unpopular than the ACA because so many people lost health insurance because they actually needed it. Or couldn’t healthcare that they needed because they couldn’t afford health insurance. Under the old system so repeal and replace was really repeal and do nothing. So it became repeal or do nothing which became an easy choice for Senate Democrats. And President Obama who simply said we like the law the way we wrote it. And we are sticking with it.

The fact that there are even Congressional Republicans who said they hate the Affordable Care Act. But like certain previsions in it like the Patients Bill of Rights the patient protections in it. Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to use as examples. Was an indicator that there was room for Republicans to negotiate on this. And at least write their own bill and perhaps even keeping parts of the ACA they agreed with. And then add to it what they would do instead and represent a credible alternative to. The ACA something they could take to voters and Democrats and say. We do not like ObamaCare or the old healthcare system and this is what we would do instead.


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