The Real News: Paul Jay Interviewing Matt Welch- A Libertarian Take on The Tea Party

Tea Party
I blogged this three years ago that yes there is a Libertarian element in the Tea Party movement. U.S. Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and U.S. Representative Justin Amash are perfect. Examples of that and all of these members of Congress have strong Tea Party and. Libertarian backings but that is not the whole movement. The Tea Party is essentially the Christian-Right of the 1980s and 1990s and you can even go back. To the late 1960s and in to the 70s in response to the 1960s generation and hippie movement. The big government wing of the Republican Party as I like to call them. As it relates to social issues but with an Economic-Libertarian element to it as well. That they are with Ron Paul Libertarians when it comes to economic policy and fiscal issues. Even as it relates to things like corporate welfare but they differ with Libertarians. As it relates to social issues where they tend not to be in favor of freedom of choice but have. More of a statist or nationalistic viewpoint on those issues. Like abortion, homosexuality, pornography, gambling, marijuana to use as examples.

But the Christian-Right is just one element of the Tea Party. You have the Libertarians as well and what I and others would call Reagan-Goldwater Republicans. Who sound Libertarian but not as Libertarian especially as it relates to national security. Pro-civil liberties yes but are not isolationist and want to see a large and robust. National defense in America and even oversees and may even take a states rights approach. To some social and economic issues instead of having the Federal Government or the. Individual make these decisions instead people like U.S. Senator Jeff Flake and. I would add the other Senator from Arizona John McCain if you are really interested in. Fiscal-Conservatives, not many more Conservative than John McCain. Who is a real Goldwater-Reagan Conservative-Republican through and through. And what you see with the division in the Republican Party now. Who perhaps are even members of the Tea Party but who are Republicans first and are. Saying we are with you on the issues but we aren’t going to destroy the Republican Party. To accomplish these goals and we’ll break from you when we believe you are hurting the party.

For the Tea Party to be a real Libertarian or Conservative movement. The Rand Paul Libertarians and Goldwater/Reagan Conservatives need to be running the show. And not have the Christian-Right calling the plays or being the major spokespeople. And let them run their own movement instead and leave the Libertarians and Conservatives. In charge instead and for the Republican Party to stay a major political party. The Libertarians and Conservatives have to have a bigger voice and allow the adults to run the party. Who won’t do things that will hurt the party or country just to carry out. Political objectives and what we are seeing now is the adults coming back and taking. Control and even raising money for Conservative-Republicans who won’t hurt the party or. Country and we’ll see how this plays out in the future for the Republican Party.

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