Red State: Opinion: Streiff Diary: Solitary Confinement: A Punishment In Need Of Reform

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Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber

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Solitary Confinement: A Punishment In Need Of Reform | RedState.

I believe and I’m one of them that most Americans believe in the old notion. That if you do the crime you should do the time. That some actions against society and the innocent are so harmful and awful that they have to come. With punishment and for one so the defendant or convict doesn’t have the opportunity to commit. The same crime at least in the near future but also so they pay a real price for what they did. But also to prevent that person from doing that crime in the future that jail or prison would be a place. That they wouldn’t want to return to ever and they they’ll behave in society to stay. Out of prison or jail in the future and not have to deal with the criminal justice system again.

That is not the question I believe for most Americans in whether people should be punished. Legally for committing crimes especially felonies and violent crimes in America. The question is how they should be punished and treated while they are incarcerated. And if our criminal justice system was really about common sense and not ideological. It would be run in a way that punishes criminals when they commit felonies by taking their freedom. Away and after that how they act in jail or prison themselves will decide how they do their. Own time and if they do their own time and stay out of trouble that their incarceration. Will be a productive for themselves but for society as well because now they’ll be ready. To succeed on the outside if they are ever released from prison. Which brings me to what I call severe solitary confinement that is based around the worst we treat. People the better they’ll behave which goes against common sense because Americans tend to behave. Around people the way they are treated.

The main problem with severe solitary confinement which I and many others call torture. Or cruel and unusual punishment is that is based around how far can we push inmates until. They break what is their breaking point. And it starts with being held in solitary generally in a bare cell with just a bed and toilet. And perhaps a shelf and sometimes not even a bed. In a tiny cell about the size of a bathroom in someone’s home. Where inmates who in many cases are not mentally all together in the first place are left with. Nothing to do all day and left in the privacy of their own sometimes sick thoughts thinking. About how can I get back at the people who put me here and make sure their day at work or. Days at work is as bad as my day in solitary or days in solitary, weeks in solitary, months in. Solitary, years in solitary, decades in solitary and I ask anyone whose in favor of this punishment. What benefits come from it?

Yes one benefit would be that inmates in severe solitary confinement can’t hurt other inmates. While they are by themselves but they can certainly hurt staff and roughly two-thirds of American. Inmates get released from prison and the inmates in long-term isolation are part of this. Percentage and in some cases finish their sentences from doing a long stint in solitary. What chances do they have to even be able to adapt to being around other people for long stretches. At a time after spending so much time by themselves in prison perhaps years by them self. Let alone able to be productive and do well on the outside and not have to come back to prison.


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