C-SPAN: Hustler Magazine vs. Jerry Falwell- Pornography and the First Amendment



Source: C-SPAN

Source: C-SPAN: Hustler Magazine v. Falwell- Pornography & The First Amendment Rights

Interesting case whatever your position on pornography is whether you think it should be legal or not. Or whether you enjoy it or not which isn’t the question. But the real question in this case is should it be legal or not based on the United States Constitution and what also makes this an interesting case is that it affects two amendments to our Constitution. Which affects our right to free speech and expression and our right to privacy.

The First Amendment which of course guarantees our right to free expression and speech. And our Right to Privacy what people are able to do in their private lives and own homes. And does the rights to free speech and expression as well as privacy include pornography. Do Americans have the constitutional right to be involved in pornography or not. And manage their own private affairs themselves. Or does government have the right and responsibility to intervene in one’s own private affairs.


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