Matthew Ives: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians



Source: Matthew Ives

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

I’m going to be careful here, because there some actual Christians who I actually respect, including Protestants and Evangelicals and who are also still living. And when I think of Christianity and Christians as someone who isn’t, I think of these people and I think of their groups. And all of those charities that they run. That house the homeless, feed the hungry, some groups even go as far as educating the ignorant so they can get themselves a good job. All things that the so-called Christian-Right and a certain segment of the Tea Party views as socialism or communism.

When I think of Christians, I don’t think of Michele Bachmann, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, all these so-called leaders of the Christian-Right. Who go out-of-their-ways of putting people down and hating and saying so many horrible things about people who don’t live exactly the way they do, or look at the world exactly as they do. You know, I’m happy to look at those people as fascists, statists, theocrats, hypocrites, ( especially when they are preaching against big government ) liars, crooks, assholes, bullshit artists, con-people, all of those labels would fit them perfectly. But calling them Christians would be an insult to Christians.

There are people who are truly religious and actually believe in the religion that they say they follow. Those people I respect, even if I disagree with their religion. Christianity especially as it relates to lifestyle, is simply too conservative for me, but so is Islam. But I can respect people who truly believe in and follow the values of those religions. But what I can’t respect are people who use a great religion like Christianity to put down other people simply because they disagree with them. Those people are assholes and make Americans look as stupid as we get stereotyped as.

Matthew Ives: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians


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One Response to Matthew Ives: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians

  1. sikatriz says:

    No one really wants to hear an Atheist talk about what Jesus commanded us to do. At least we try to have a relationship with Jesus.

    Pretty funny, though. He has knowledge of Jesus’ sayings from the Gospels which is pretty impressive. But did he read the one that said “Judge not that ye be not judged?” (Matthew 7:1) Why is he judging how good of Christians some people he doesn’t agree with politically are?

    Well Matthew 7:2 says that Bill Maher should be judged to the same extent that he was judged. Thus, I will judge how good of an Atheist he is.

    I know some very good Atheists who believe that this is our only life and after we die we don’t live anymore. Thus, they respect everyone’s right to life and happiness. Bill Maher, on the other hand, says he’s in favor of anything that reduces the amount of people on the freeway. That means he’s pro-death.

    Bill Maher is not a good Atheist. He couldn’t even judge another Atheist worthily. How dare he judge Christians.


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