The Lip TV: Byod With Ondi Timoner- Dimitri Logothetis On Why Sam Giacana Killed JFK

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One of the followers of this blog is a big fan of JFK assassination conspiracy theories and is currently reading a book that has its own theory of the JFK assassination. So I think he might like this and is welcome to comment on this post and let us know what he thinks about this. As far as Dimitri Logothetis about Sam Giancana ordering the assassination of President Kennedy, before anyone calls Mr. Logothetis a whack job or anything like that, he’s only putting a theory out there. And admitted in this interview that the only people who know how many people are responsible for the JFK assassination are all dead.

Again these are theories, some of them are nutty and baseless in fact. Like the fact that Far-Right racists and radicals in Dallas murdered Jack Kennedy and did it by themselves. Or that Vice President Lyndon Johnson murdered the hit on Kennedy. Or the CIA and perhaps the FBI as well ordered and perhaps even did the hit themselves. But at least one of them has real hard evidence around it and that is the one I’m going with about the Italian Mafia and that they had a lot to gain with President Kennedy being killed. They had the motive, the opportunity and the people to do it. And the fact that Jack Ruby was connected with them and that Ruby was also connected with the JFK killer Lee Harvey Oswald before the assassination, just backs this theory up.

Dimitri Logothetis is not saying that he knows that Sam Giancana and his crew murdered President Kennedy. What he’s saying is that based on all the evidence that he’s seen, that he believes that is the most likely scenario. And who better a patsy than Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby. I mean who would miss those two people. Oswald hated Kennedy and didn’t have anyone around to miss him. Ruby was one of the Mafia’s men and who associated with them, hung out with them and did business with them. And plus he was already dying before being sent to prison for killing Oswald. So these things add up and are worth considering as far as how many people may be responsible for the JFK assassination.


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One Response to The Lip TV: Byod With Ondi Timoner- Dimitri Logothetis On Why Sam Giacana Killed JFK

  1. Sam Giancana is mentioned quite often as being part of the conspiracy theory in Roger Stone’s book The Man Who Killed Kennedy: A case against LBJ. Stone believes the Giancana mob were the trigger men. LBJ was no stranger to the mob…… does that mean he was involved in the conspiracy just from association, no. However, LBJ had as much motive as the mob. JFK’s brother Bobbie was going after the mob as Attorney General…….The mob was quite influential in getting JFK elected president then his administration turned on them. LBJ, most political greed motivation, he hated the Kennedy’s, was often shunned and embarrassed by the brothers. LBJ had an associate who owned the Book Depository building. Ruby had ties to LBJ and the mob. Too many people were murdered that had ties to the events of Nov. 22, 1963, or were associated with those that did. Journalist Dorthy Kilgallen interviewed Ruby, made a call to an associate and stated she had information that would shock the world on the assassination, was found dead before she was to make the announcement, of a drug overdose/alcohol mix, her notes from the Ruby interview were missing and never found.
    One man alone did not kill Kennedy. It is not possible for one man to create so much confusion, to cause so many investigative errors, mishandle evidence, to have witnesses view particulars of the shooting from so many locations. No one individual can be in multiple locations at the same precise moment.
    Stone’s theory involves many, the mob, LBJ, and LBJ’s bond with Texas Oil men, Hoover, Dallas police, political figures, Secret Service, CIA and FBI. You may think it isn’t possible to involve so many diverse individuals in a single conspiracy. Will, ask Caesar. The Kennedys made a lot of enemies in a very short period of time.
    Texas Oil men were about to have annual funds taken away from Kennedy……they went to LBJ for help, you know LBJ political donors.
    I could go on and on, but I did not write the book. Read the book!
    One last interesting comment, LBJ ducked in the back seat of the car he was riding in just behind Kennedy’s…..just before shots were fired. He knew the shots were coming, where and when.


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