NBC Sports: NFL 1984-Week 1-Los Angeles Raiders @ Houston Oilers: 1st Half

Houston Oilers

Source: FreeState Plus– 1984 Houston Oilers 

Source: The New Democrat Plus

On paper this looked like a great matchup and great game. Two physical hard-hitting teams with big offensive lines who play very good defense and run the ball very well. As well as having two very good quarterbacks in Warren Moon for the Oilers, who of course use to play of the Raiders for so long. And Jim Plunkett for the Raiders, who finally got a chance to play for a good winning team. And one of if not the best all around teams in the NFL in 1980. All Plunkett needed was a good shot with a good team and he could show everyone how great a quarterback he really was.The 1984 Raiders were the defending Super Bowl champions and looking to get back to it in 1984.

And I at least believe they still had the best team in the AFC at least going into that season. And perhaps still had the best team in the NFL. And a Raiders-SF 49ers Super Bowl would have been a much better game than the 49ers-Miami Dolphins game. The Oilers were simply looking to rebuild and get back to being the contender that they were in the mid and late 1970s. With a new head coach in Hugh Campbell coming down from the CFL with the Edmonton Oilers and bringing down his great QB Warren Moon from Edmonton to Houston. Bringing in Jerry Glanville to run the defense and going back to a pressured based defense that they had in the 1970s under Bum Phillips. So on paper at least this looked like an interesting game.



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