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Firing Line With William F. Buckley Jr: The Equal Rights Amendment- Phyllis Schlafly Debates Ann Scott in 1973

Source: The New Democrat My issues with the Equal Rights Amendment is that everything that so-called feminists who are really radical feminists, but people who view women as superior to men, what they want with the ERA is already in … Continue reading

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Moog Rogue: Mr. Conservative- Barry Goldwater’s Opposition to The 1964 Civil Rights Act

Source: Moog Rogue: Mr. Conservative- Barry Goldwater’s Opposition To The 1964 Civil Rights Act I have a lot of respect for Barry Goldwater, he’s probably my favorite Conservative. But as Julian Bond says in this video, Senator Goldwater was just plain … Continue reading

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Thom Hartmann: Caller-The Civil Rights Act Was Passed by Republicans: The GOP Legacy on Civil Rights

Up until the last fifteen years or so the Republican Party had a long proud history on Civil Rights. Thanks to moderate and progressive Republicans like Nelson Rockefeller and classical conservative Republicans like Everett Dirksen. Civil Rights doesn’t pass in … Continue reading

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